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Modeling the ballistic and tunnel source-drain currents in Silicon Nanowire MOSFETs

  Silicon nanowire MOSFETs due to excellent controllability of the channel by the gate electrode are promising as next generation device structures for further CMOS scaling. Nanowire MOSFETs have been extensively investigated and both compact and numerical models of ballistic current have been reported [1, 2]. However, modelling of only the ballistic component of the current is not sufficient. If the channel is short enough, the tunnel component becomes significant. Silicon nanowire MOSFET structure We assume a simple square cross section Si nanowire N-MOSFET structure (Fig. 1) with an intrinsic channel, midgap gate and SiO2 as a gate dielectric, source and drain doping concentration ND = 10 20 cm-3. Due to strong quantum confinement in a very narrow (3…5 nm) nanowire cross section, transport occurs along onedimensional subbands. The 1D subbands profiles for all six silicon energy valleys and for the lowest quantum numbers were extracted from results of the NEGF simulations and the transfer matrix (TM) method was applied to calculate the source-drain current. Ballistic current was calculated by integrating current contributions for energies above the top of the potential bar[...]

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