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Surface morphology and optical properties of polymer thin films

  Industrial development has always been associated with the development of energy technologies, mainly consisted of the introduction of changes to the existing and implementing new types of energy sources. In the twentieth century, these changes consisted mainly in the transition from coal as the primary energy fuel for petroleum and then from oil to gas. Today, the economic and ecological reasons, looking for alternative sources of energy. Seems to be the most valuable comes from renewable sources and can be converted to any form of energy. The rapid development of electronics and materials science, and especially for semiconductor and chemistry of polymeric materials is related to the introduction of modern engineering materials. Gained important conductive polymers [1, 2]. The most famous of conductive polymer materials include polyacetylene, polythiophene, and polyphenylene. An important group of polymers whose main chains are composed of carbon atoms connected by alternating single and double bonds, called conjugat[...]

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