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W-cyclic method of interleaving of the data for communication systems

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A modified cycling interleaver for complex data transformation (W-cyclic method) based on redundant coding is described. Algorithms of interleaving and deinterleaving are considered. A comparative analysis of the efficiency of information transformation on the basis of W-cyclic method is carried out. Streszczenie. Została opisana zmodyfikowana metoda cyklicznego przeplotu danych (metoda W-cyclic), opierająca się na kodowaniu nadmiarowym. Przeanalizowane zostały także algorytmy przeplotu i odwrotnego przeplotu. Dodatkowo została opisana porównywalna analiza efektywności przekształcenia informacji za pomocą metody W-cyclic. (Metody w-cykliczne przeplotu danych w systemach komunikacji). Keywords: interleaver, reverse interleaving, communication systems, complex transformation of information. Słowa kluczowe: przeplot, przeplot odwrotny, systemy komunikacyjne, złożona transformacja informacji. Introduction Currently communication systems require high speed transmission and transformation of information which ensures the required level of reliability. However, they are exposed to various types of interference: electromagnetic field of meteorological conditions, operating conditions, etc. This leads to errors in data transmission [1]. Research has shown that the errors are self-dependent and have a tendency to clustering. The result is that there is a loss and distortion of information [2]. To avoid errors methods based on a robust information coding are applied. The improvement of the efficiency of coding schemes to neutralize the errors of higher multiplicity can be achieved through the sharing of correcting code and an interleaver, known as a complex transformation of information [3]. The role of the interleaver is to reduce the correlation between adjacent symbols by reversing characters. This allows converting grouping errors to a single one. Efficiency of the interleaver is determined by the the minimum distance of erroneous bits [...]

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