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Performance Analysis of Developed Multimodal Biometric Identity Verification System DOI:10.15199/13.2018.4.7

  I. Introduction In spite of the rapid development of the methods of biometric identification, seen particularly in recent years, none of the available methods ensure a perfect credibility of identification or verification and a fully satisfying convenience. In the present state of development of biometry banking procedures besides comparing to the previously stored biometric data of a customer it is required often to show identity card or to make verification through the mobile phone. In the meantime, due to variety of procedures and devices which have become widespread and are in use with different effectiveness, it is still impossible to regard the issue of verifying a bank customers’ identity as solved. Banks tend to use traditional methods of clients identification, thus it is difficult to change their approach. At present in the bank environment one can meet the following problems in this domain: usage of traditional handwritten signatures stored in large databases of such signatures existing in bank repositories, the need of customers’ identity verification visiting the bank teller, inconvenience of the application of certain methods of biometric identification in mobile conditions, lack of databases containing the integrated customers’ biometric data, possible customers’ disagreement for their voice or image registration. The problems related to identity verification, in general, result in financial frauds entailing financial losses. In Poland the loss of over twenty million PLN per year (according to data published by the Polish Bank Association) is officially reported [11]. Therefore, it is of importance to find a solution to the problem of developing the concepts and scenarios of identification of the bank customers. This problem includes the development of new methods of acquisition, storing and protecting information relevant to the identity of accounts (or a credit cards) holders as well [...]

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