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Analysis of melting and casting processes of TiAl in the cold induction crucible vacuum furnace

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Melting of high-purity cast products is often carried out in the induction furnace with cold crucible (IFCC), which offers various technological and economical advantages like melting, alloying, overheating, and casting in one process-step. Due to its importance for modern industry it has become the subject for numerical modeling [1÷3]. The main distinguishing feature is that the melt is kept in the water-cooled crucible and, therefore, high-purity of material is assured by solid skull layer at the melt-crucible contact zone. Practical experiences show that the overheating temperature of the entire melt, which is determined by the electromagnetic, hydrodynamic and thermal process factors, is one of the key parameters of this technological process. The task of optimizing melt ove[...]

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