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GaAsN as a photovoltaic material - photoelectrical characterization

  GaAsN and InGaAsN materials have attracted considerable attention due to their unique physical properties and wide range of their possible application in optoelectronics, especially in infrared laser diodes for 1.3 and 1.55 mm [1, 2] and high efficiency multi-junction (MJ) solar sells [3, 4], where these low-band-gap materials can, in principle, be used to efficiently collect the lowphoton- energy portion of the solar spectrum [4]. In this paper the results of studies on the layers of GaAs1-xNx grown on (100)-oriented Si-doped n-type GaAs substrates by atmospheric pressure metal organic vapour phase epitaxy APMOVPE are presented. In the first step the layers of GaAs1-xNx were characterized with the use of optical methods, then Schottky diodes were realized and the rectifying properties of the diodes were studied with electrical methods. The diodes exhibit light-energy conversion effect. Basic parameters of the solar cells ( short-circuit current Isc, open circuit-voltage, Voc, and fill factor, FF) were determined. Obtained results confirm that the diodes are promising as efficien[...]

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