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Mathematical Models of Transformers for Electromagnetic Transient Processes Simulation

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The paper is devoted to the analysis of power transformers mathematical models intended for electromagnetic transient processes research. Different approaches for power transformers mathematical modeling are considered. In the paper mathematical model intended for simulation of three-phase three-legged transformer transient processes is described and results of its simulation is presented. Stre[...]

Modeling of Electric Power Systems Based on Diakoptic Approach and Parallel Algorithms in Modern Computer Tools

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Electric power systems modeling using modern computer tools based on macromodeling and diakoptics principles and prospects of their research on uni- and multiprocessor computers are discussed. Electric systems splitting on several parts with the purpose of their further analysis by means of parallel processing algorithms, possibility and expediency of computer tools usage for their practical implementation are considered. Streszczenie: W artykule zaprezentowano metody makromodelowania i diakoptyki do badania systemów elektroenergetycznych. Podejście to jest zorientowane na zastosowanie obliczeń równoległych. Rozpatrywana jest możliwość praktycznej implementacji proponowanych algorytmów. (Modelowanie systemów elektroenergetycznych z wykorzystaniem nowoczesnego, równoległego oprogramowa[...]

Mathematical models and macromodels of electric power transformers

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In the paper different approaches used for creation of electric power transformers are discussed and main types of their mathematical models and macromodels are described. Mathematical model of transformer is created in the hybrid coordinate basis, and macromodel of the power transformer is developed using the “black box" approach in the form of state space equations, the features of such type models usage are analyzed. Streszczenie. W artykule opisano alternatywne podejścia do konstrukcji transformatorów i podstawowe rodzaje ich matematycznych model i makromodeli. Omówiono tworzenie matematycznego model transformatora w hybrydowym układzie współrzędnych i budowę makromodelu w postaci równań stanu z wykorzystaniem podejścia typu ,,czarna skrzynka". Przedyskutowano własności opracowanych modeli. (Matematyczne modele i makromodele transformatorów mocy) Keywords: mathematical model, macromodel, power transformer, optimization Słowa kluczowe: modele matematyczne, makromodele, transformatory mocy, optymalizacja Introduction Mathematical models of electric power system elements, including power transformers, intended for research of electromagnetic transient processes were considerably improved during last ten years and adapted for simulation using various computer programs. During simulation of electric power transformers it is necessary to consider such physical phenomena as deep saturation, hysteresis, losses due to eddy currents and thermal effects and etc. Development of transformer models with high level of adequacy based on their equivalent circuits causes their high complexity, and, consequently, considerable difficulties during their adaptation to modern computer programs and environments usually used for computer analysis of transient processes [1, 2]. If the researcher is interested just in reaction of the object to test signal just on its terminals then it is expedient to use principles of macromodelling, namely to cre[...]

Discrete mathematical macromodel of electric transmission line

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In the paper the problem of development of mathematical models and macromodels of transmission lines is discussed. Mathematical discrete macromodel of single-phase transmission line in the form of state variables using a "black box" approach was developed. Description of procedure of its creation and verification of obtained results are presented. Streszczenie. W artykule przedstawiono makromodel energetycznej linii przesyłowej. Prezentowany model został zapisany w formie zmiennych stanu i dotyczy linii jednofazowej. Dodatkowo w artykule opisano proces tworzenia modelu, sposób jego walidacji wraz z kryterium poprawności, a na końcu zamieszczono wyniki.(Makromodel linii elektroenergetycznej) Keywords: mathematical model, macromodel, transmiision line, optimization Słowa kluczowe: model matematyczny, linia przesyłowa, optymalizacja Introduction Over the last decade a considerable progress in creation of mathematical models of electric systems intended for the analysis of transient and periodic processes and further prognosis of electric power equipment operation was achieved. Improvement of the modeling process in order to obtain adequate simulation results of electric systems containing single- and three phase transmission lines is an actual problem till now. Development of electric power transmission line models with a high level of adequacy using their equivalent schemes leads to their excessive complication, and as a result, there are significant difficulties during their adaptation to modern program tools intended for the transients’ analysis. If a researcher is interested only in a reaction of the modeled object, it is possible to use the principles of macromodeling. Therefore it is expedient to create macromodels of specific objects instead of their precise mathematical models. Mathematical macromodels in the form of state variables (the “black box" approach) is the best type of macromodels which can solve the [...]

Evaluation of Discrete Modeling Efficiency of Asynchronous Electric Machines

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In the paper the problem of effective mathematical macromodels in the form of state variables intended for asynchronous motor transient analysis is considered. Their comparison with traditional mathematical models of asynchronous motors including models built into MATLAB/Simulink software was carried out and analysis of their efficiency was conducted. Streszczenie. W artykule przedstawiono matematyczne makromodele silników asynchronicznych w postaci równań stanu przeznaczonych do analizy czasowej. Porównano je z tradycyjnymi modelami matematycznymi, w tym modelami wbudowanymi w MATLAB/Simulink (Ocena efektywności dyskretnych modeli maszyn asynchronicznych) Keywords: asynchronous motor, transient process, discrete macromodel Słowa kluczowe: maszyna asynchroniczna, stany nieustalone, makromodele dyskretne Introduction The creation of effective mathematical models intended for analysis of transient processes in electromechanical systems (EMS) elements is an important and relevant scientific problem. In the presented paper the research of the effectiveness of existing mathematical models of the electromechanical systems elements on the example of mathematical models of asynchronous motor was carried out. Traditionally, asynchronous motor is considered as a system of windings with magnetic coupling, which parameters are active resistances and inductances, and the processes in the electric machine must be analyzed using equations of electrical and mechanical equilibrium. The algorithm intended for calculation of the electric equilibrium equations makes it possible to define dependence of these parameters as a function of magneto motive force and machine slipping. These dependencies are presented in the form of mathematical models of the electric machine for the transient processes analysis [4,6]. Determination of parameters of electric and mechanical equilibrium equations, provided the correct processing of the results of the calcul[...]

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