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Thermal effects of short-circuit current on winding in transformer oil

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The paper deal with the decrease of mechanical strength of windings because of the thermal effects of short-circuit currents and submit the consideration for further workmanship of dimensioning for determination of the limited number of short-circuits of power transformers. Various authors experimentally have defined the decrease of material in dependence from the temperature and the time. Big deviations are among the feature curves and the measurement method data are often missing, especially about that, whether for the time of conductor thermal strain was taken in account the elapsed short-circuit duration time, or the real time of thermal strain with some temperature. With the view of the conservation of the most authentic shape of decrease of mechanical strength after short-circui[...]

The monitoring of oil transformer by gas and moisture sensor

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The paper deals with the physical fundamentals of the monitoring of values of high-voltage oil transformer 22/0,4 kV by oil Hydran sensor of gases and moisture and other assistant diagnostic apparatuses: optical temperature sensors and electric quantities analyser. Abstract. W artykule przedstawiono metodę monitorowania stanu oleju w transformatorze mocy 22/0.4 kV przy wykorzystaniu czujnika gazu i wilgotności. Metoda wspomagana jest innym narzędziami diagnostycznymi - optycznym czujnikiem temperatury i analizatorem wielkości elektrycznych. (Monitorowanie stanu oleju transformatorowego przy wykorzystaniu czujnika gazu i wilgotności) Keywords: Oil transformer, gas and moisture sensor, chromatography, monitoring, temperature sensor, gases. Keywords: olej transformatorowy, czujnik gazu, czujnik wilgotności. Introduction Electric and thermal stress transforms the dielectric oil into various gases. These gases indicate developing damage on the electric machine or apparatus and their early indication contributes to precocious intervention and financially demanding removal of the extensive damage. Created gas in insulating oil is dissolved in amount depending on the kind of the gas, quality of insulating oil, its viscosity, temperature and press. Fault occurring in transformer can develop either slowly or quickly based on its kind. Therefore it is suitable to watch the transformer running in real time so that we can continually know what is going on inside. , Because of the fact that transformer oil is dissolved into various gases it is most simple to observe right this medium. For this purpose Canadian company GE Energy Services based on lifetime experience constructed and developed apparatuses Hydran. Gas analysis released in the transformer oil According to [1] the effect of temperature, aerial oxygen, moisture and electric field in transformer leads in the process of perpetual stress of insulating system to the formation of gas pr[...]

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