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GA based torque optimisation of permanent magnet disc motor

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In this paper the author presents an optimal genetic algorithm (GA) based design of a prototype permanent magnet disc motor using the electromagnetic torque of the motor as an objective function. The optimal design of the prototype is based on previously performed quasi-3D FEM magnetic field calculation and analysis. Comparative values of the optimised motor parameters in relation to the prototy[...]

Performance evaluation of PM DC commutator motor using Finite Element Method as a tool

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In this paper a performance evaluation of a PM DC commutator motor (PMDCCM) based on finite element method (FEM) is presented. The quasi-3D method which is adopted for this analysis is consisted of a 2D FEM calculation of the magnetic field in the 3D axial domain of the motor. The magnetic field distribution is calculated at different armature current and different rotor displacements. Using the[...]

Thermal Study of Retaining Sleeves for a High-Speed Permanent-Magnet Electrical Machine

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In this paper, a thermal analysis of two different rotor constructions of a high-speed permanent magnet electrical machine is performed. The first type of rotor has a carbon-fibre sleeve for retaining the magnets against centrifugal forces and an aluminium shield for eddy currents. The other rotor has a retaining sleeve made of a titanium alloy and does not have an additional eddy-current shield[...]

Dynamic Simulation of Fractional Horse Power Single-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

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In the paper transient performance simulation procedures and the dynamic characteristics analysis, based on the magnetic field solution techniques is presented. The studied object is a small single-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor (SPPMSM). By using the Finite Element Method (FEM), extended numerical calculations of the SPPM synchronous motor magnetic field are carried out. The goal of t[...]

Comparative Analysis of Radial and Axial Field Permanent Magnet Motor

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The objective of this paper is to provide a comparison between traditional radial field permanent magnet motor and an axial field permanent magnet motor. The comparison is made on previously optimised models of radial and axial filed motors. The optimisation procedure in the optimal design of both solutions is performed by a genetic algorithm programme called GA-ODEM. Finally a comparative analy[...]

FEM based assessment of capacitor sizing on starting characteristics of a single-phase induction motor

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This work investigates the problem of searching the best fitted size of the capacitor during the start-up of a single-phase capacitor induction motor. The larger capacitance to some extent is yielding to a relatively higher starting torque, when the motor accelerates. The values of starting currents and the voltage across the capacitor are determined and studied as well. The paper presents an assessment of the best fitted capacitor size based on a combined analytical-FEM analysis. Several experimental results validate the effectiveness of the proposed methodology. Streszczenie. W artykule przedstawiono poszukiwanie najlepiej dopasowanej wielkości kondensatora podczas rozruchu w jednofazowym silniku indukcyjnym z pomocniczym kondensatorem. Większa pojemność w pewnym stopniu dostarcza względnie wyższy moment rozruchowy kiedy silnik przyspiesza. Wartości prądów rozruchowych i napięcia na kondensatorze są określone i badane. Artykuł przedstawia ocenę najlepiej dobranej pojemności w oparciu o analizę kombinowaną: MES i metody analityczne. Wyniki kilkunastu pomiarów potwierdzają skuteczność zaproponowanej metodyki. (Oparta na FEM ocena wielkości pojemności w charakterystyce jednofazowego silnika indukcyjnego) Keywords: single-phase induction motor (SPIM), size of capacitor, starting torque and current, capacitor voltage. Słowa kluczowe: jednofazowy silnik indukcyjny, wielkość kondensatora, moment I prąd rozuchowy, napięcie na kondensatorze Introduction Small electric motors are widely used in many types of equipment. Their massive application requests search for more economical production and for more effective performance behavior. Since the alternative voltage is commonly available, these motors are usually AC, and in particular they are supplied by a single-phase source. The single-phase induction motor (SPIM) is the most widely used type of electric motors. It is used in many household appliances that require motors, as refrigerators, was[...]

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