About the Publishing House

SIGMA-NOT Publishing House is the oldest and the biggest publisher of technical professional press in Poland. We have been functioning since 1949 as an organised House, but our oldest publication, “Przegląd Techniczny”, is 140 years old already.
We act all over the country. Our portfolio currently includes over 30 unique professional press titles, which refer to topics in the field of: construction (including installation techniques), chemistry, technical supervision, electronics, electro-technique, geodesy, food management, mining, metallurgy, paper industry, telecommunication, packaging industry, quality problems, light industry, environmental protection, as well as the work safety and protection.
Delivering information useful for the readers for their professional activities, the magazines published by SIGMA-NOT Publishing House constitute a discussion forum where eminent experts share their theoretical and practical know-how with the readers.


Our magazines are offered only within a subscription and they reach the subscribers by post. The Distribution Department is in charge of the receipt of subscription orders and the dispatch of the magazines (
kolportaz@sigma-not.pl), but it also renders distribution services to other publishers of the professional press. We offer a foreign subscription for recipients from outside Poland – with an additional charge of 100% of the national subscription price. Subscription price-list of 34 titles of SIGMA-NOT Publishing House.



Printing Office

SIGMA-NOT Publishing House has its own printing office (
drukarnia@drukarnia.sigma-not.pl). Apart from printing its own titles, the Printing Office also renders printing services to outside contractors, it co-operates with other publishers, advertisement agencies, and service and production companies.


Orders for advertisement and announcements in hardcopy issues of all magazines of SIGMA-NOT Publishing House, as well as for the e-advertisement in pages of Portal Informacji Technicznej (Technical Information portal) are received by the Advertisement and Marketing Department of SIGMA-NOT (
reklama@sigma-not.pl). Moreover, a advertisement or announcement in every magazine can be also ordered in its main Editorials.

Price-list of announcements and colour and black-and-white advertisements in magazines of SIGMA-NOT Publishing House
Technical conditions for placing the advertisement in magazines of SIGMA-NOT Publishing House
Price-list of e-advertisements in the Technical Information Portal pages
Technical conditions for placing the e-advertisement in the Technical Information Portal pages

Wydawnictwo SIGMA-NOT
11, Ratuszowa Street
00-950 Warszawa, post box 1004

phone: +48 22 818 09 18, +48 22 818 98 32

fax: +48 22 619 21 87
e-mail: sekretariat@sigma-not.pl

List of all magazines issued by us: